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Abuse under domain names

The following anti-abuse policy applies to INWX registered domains. The misuse of domains will not be tolerated.

The policy refers to the general aspects of preventing misuse, tolerable use and rapid detection and prosecution. This applies to registrants of domain names and defines the procedure of INWX for reported cases of abuse.

Abusive activities that may lead to suspension or suspension of the domain are as follows:

  • Abusive entries of names under a gTLD (false whois data)
  • Abusive malicious use of a domain under a gTLD ("Malicious Use")
  • Abuse of the registration processes, the technical interfaces, the infrastructure of the registry systems and the DNS network itself.
  • Spam: Spam is generally defined as sending bulk unsolicited emails, but it can also occur in instant messaging or in mobile environments. Spam can be sent from domains and is used as advertising for websites.
  • Phishing: Phishing is when a website presents itself as a trusted website - often a bank website - to deceive Internet users into providing sensitive information (such as access to online banking, e-mail passwords, etc.). The aim is that the use of domains does not infringe the rights of third parties or violate the law, government regulations or requirements, or for purposes of unlawful or fraudulent acts, including spam or phishing activities. The guidelines of the respective registry apply. Failure to comply with these terms may result in suspension or suspension of domain registration by INWX.
  • Pharming: Pharming is the redirection of Internet users to fraudulent websites, which is mainly achieved through techniques such as DNS hijacking or poisoning.
  • Deliberate distribution of malware: Malware is software that infiltrates a user's system, without his consent, in order to harm or abuse it for example for botnet activities. Examples are viruses, worms, Trojans or keyloggers.
  • Malicious Fast-Flux Hosting: Malicious Fast-Flux Hosting is a DNS-based component of botnet activity, especially for example, to disguise the location of these activities on the Internet and to harden them against discovery and defense.
  • Illegal sale of goods such as drugs or pharmaceuticals

Anti Abuse guidelines

INWX will keep records of misuse and abuse reports and track metrics. This includes:

  • the number of reports of abuse received in the abusive contact described above;
  • any communication with the registrant, the registry and ICANN;
  • the number of cases and domains affected by abuse

Report abuse

1. To report an abuse, contact us:

Phone: +49 30 983 21 21 22
Mail: C / O: Complaint or Abuse Department

2. Treatment of a abuse report:
Our goal is to work on and close abuse cases within 5 working days. Should a case take more time, we will contact you.

3. Recovery of a case
To resume a closed case, the answer to the last correspondence is sufficient. Please include additional information in your response so that we can continue to process the case.